I'm Convinced 
The Crypto Game 
Has Been 

As of today May 10, 2022 
You've been warned! 
Get out while you can. 
Buy Bitcoin when it drops to about $28k 
and then it will go up again 
but never no more than $70k

I've been watching and investing in crypto since 2019.  Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all their baby brothers (altcoins) have been compromised IMO. 

It started when Elon Musk and his programmers updated Bitcoin's Blockchain in 2020. The crypto game has never been the same. 

There will always be newbies who don't know. what's going on, but they will learn. 

Now I understand why I named this website Poormans Crypto because you will go broke buying it.

Get out while you can and invest in yourself or someone else.  Self-improvement will take you where you want to go. 

Just sayin' Steph

If you want to invest, 
invest in people who want to make the world a better place 
or off-planet for that matter! 

I have two awesome business plans from two people with imagination. One is for a special Hotel and the other involves Space!

I can keep you in the loop by sending you my short periodic very private newsletter that talks about innovators that I have crossed paths with.  
None of them invest in crypto anymore including me.  

No worries I won't spam you! 
I don't have time for that!

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